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Brand introduction:
Geeks are a progressive group of people attracted by the prospects of new technology. Beneath their ordinary appearance lies meticulous craftsmanship.

Tactical was a game plan in times of war; a theory of how to win a war. In the age of peace tactical covers everything from business strategy to office principles. All methods taken by people who are lost in this material world who desire to reach their goals are described as TACTICAL.

Combining the two creates the spirit that inspires us – TACTICAL GEEK. 

Tactical Geek is, however, no longer limited to aggressive military culture. It now offers a new way of thinking about and living our daily lives.

With this new brand we will create unique products through uncompromising design, processing and quality control.

These will include handmade knives, functional bags and EDC gear. They are not consumer products yet will be of interest to geeks; they are not military supply but still can conquer complicated challenges. They are incomparable, fashionable, sober, enduring and wabi-sabi. 

We believe that life style should come from independence of mind, and not be led by any specific group of people. TACTICAL_GEEK will endeavour to put our new way of thinking into the products by working with experts to create gear with a balance of simplicity and cool. Although these are the result of industrialized production, TG will make them unique and thoughtful, in the hope that ideas inspired by them will give users a new way of thinking.

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